We are a unit! A family!

We are off to a lovely wedding of a lovely couple in Kent today. Our Leyland friends super kindly gave us a lift from Aber. It’s odd being in London with my immediate family (parents & bros) still being in Aber! But we’ll be back by the evening service in A.P. God willing.

The wedding today is promising to be a classick. The sun is predicted to shine, arty sensibilities from participants are promised and we will get to see guests who are good friends to us as Aber alumni.

I like going to weddings as ‘The Bradys’. It was an especially exciting element of early married life when I first read a wedding invitation to ‘The Bradys’ or ‘Mr. & Mrs. Brady’ or even the feminists’ favourite ‘Mr. and Mrs. Rhodri Brady’. We are a unit! A family! We’ll go around holding hands and have photographs of us holding each other put on facebook! But nothing beats the utter brilliance of saying ‘this is my wife’, still not bored of that one. Brill.

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