I’ve had less cause to write this week and this is unexpected because I’ve been thinking about a lot more things! I come away from an average day with one or two thoughts that I can jot down for the blog but this week I’ve heard so many sermons and seminars, had so many conversations, had so many Bible passages read to me that I have simply not know what to commit to web. Conrad Mbewe has been used by God to show me that preaching truly is speaking the very words of God, being his mouthpiece. I came away from this morning’s sermon longing for heaven. Off the top of my head, other things I’ve learned this week are the real meaning of cessationism, the importance of talking about suicide and the reality of persecution.

Doubts are still very much a reality of day-to-day Christian life. Oh so momentary, but it has to be met by a constant scramble to a specific passage or verse in scripture; a reminder of the historicity of the Bible; or a thought about nature’s sublime brilliance being a finger pointing to God, that quickly brings me back. I won’t ever forget Stuart Olyott saying that he genuinely never doubts. This I can understand, being so close to your Father in heaven through the Holy Spirit’s presence; knowing his book well; and also possessing common sense or logic will inevitably add up to that blessed conclusion.

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