We did buy bicycles yesterday. Raleigh. I have definitely seen that on bikes as a child, whether the model is just as good when you’re an adult, only slime will tell.

Our tumble dryer’s fixed too! Thanks for holding out, we knew you were concerned. I had a chat with the man and I think I managed not to turn on my faux-workingclass charm too much.

Excitement is building for the EMW Aber conference still. I’m looking forward to hearing Conrad Mbewe’s morning addresses. Praying that his preaching is blessed.

I’ll leave you now with thoughts on hyperbolic statements we make when everything goes wrong. When we decry important things which we might not have meant to hate as much as we sound like we do, statements which crumble when we apply logic to them, but seem so fitting when we’re in despair. Someone told me today, I hate jobs”. Not I hate some jobs, or I hate this job, I hate jobs in their entirety. Apply some rationality to the statement and we can conclude, jobs are kind of important, if not essential for the function of a society. But when things are hard we do hate jobs. Alan Davies was on Radio 4 talking about a nine year old girl who was having a tantrum and told her mother, life is pain”. We’ve all been there, but it isn’t pain, all the time, it’s a lot of other things as well (James 4:14 or Colossians 3:3 for example). Praise God. Come and talk to me afterwards if you want to know more.


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