All to play for

Our tumble dryer has broken and I don’t want to put clothes on the washing line, to which you may say, “stop being lazy and put yer clothes on the washing line,” but our garden gets nil sun, and it’s raining a lot at the moment (I say back to you) and you say “it’s not actually raining right now” you reply, pedantically, and I point out that the weather report said it would rain a lot today “but it actually hasn’t yet”, yes but I know that as soon as I put clothes on the line which always takes a long time it will start raining. “Fine.” You sound false, but I’ll leave it.

So I’ve been to the launderette. I always feel wonderfully retro going there and think it’s a great place to people watch, or people speak (I think it’s called having a conversation). Lovely.

I’ve been on the hunt for bicycles this week. Sibyl is greatly in need of one for some commuting and we still can’t drive (nothing changes in four days) but I do have my provisional now, so I will book some lessons soon! But we have such a busy time ahead. I’m sure you know of the Aberystwyth EMW conference which is coming up. Two of my beloved cousins are staying with us and another friend for the weekend so we need to get everything in order, thus the washing. I’m also planning to fit a toilet roll holder in the bathroom today. So all to play for.


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