Special Skills

Yes, you haven’t heard wrong, the papers weren’t lying, I made my first curry last night. I felt a little bit like a clichéd British middle class twentysomething as it was a Jamie Oliver recipe, but it tasted nice nevertheless. It was a vegetable vindaloo with chicken things on skewers on the side. I really enjoy cooking stuff when I have to go out and buy ingredients, often ingredients I’ve never used like garam masala and dried chilli. It turned out really tasty, and our friends who we had round claimed to enjoy it too. I thought it would be hotter than it was, but thankfully it was only pleasantly spicy. I also learned that vindaloo has Portuguese origination due to the fact that the colonised Goa (the monsters, going into India and claiming it) and introduced vinegar – thus the ‘vin’ and the ‘loo’ is garlic apparently, but ‘aloo’ is potato in Hindi too so I don’t know what to believe any more.

We finished the evening off with the classic Wii game New Super Mario Bros. I am generally abysmal at that game because I just enjoy running fast until I die. My fellow competitor/team mate is a sports scientist (well that’s what he studied at university anyway) and he enjoyed doing P.E. type jokes like picking me up and throwing me in lava as well as having innumerably more lives than me. Pride cameth before his downfall though as all my failures had led me to be very cautious for the final round whereas his cocky gameplay led him to die, lots. I finished off my gloating by displaying what I think is my best skill, tuning into FM Radio stations. The party trick consists of me asking guests to name any FM radio station and I am able to tune into them in a matter of milliseconds. Trust me, I’m good. “Classic FM?” BAM SMACK…VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS. “Radio 2?” WHIZZ ZOOM…DIRE STRAITS. “Radio 4?” SCHWAT WALLA… DESERT ISLAND DISCS. INSTANT. MAVERICK.


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