Contents of lunch today

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Aberystwyth. We sat out and had a lovely packed lunch (packed by me). Sandwiches consisting of cheese, Bernard Matthews processed chicken and houmous. I had also prepared a set of strawberry jam sandwiches to go along with it, disappointment found in lack of bits in the jam – it would have been my dream when I was younger – I used to hate any seeds and especially skin in jam, now I love it, so bad sandwiches. And we had Malt Loaf – that stuff is chewy; brother Dewi used to call it Mota Loaf. And Kinder Happy Hippos, felt bad because they are German and I heard something on the radio about how it could help our economy if I buy British stuff, sorry everyone! Today’s whole lunch experience made me think about the effort my Mother must have gone to to make five pack lunches every morning, with love. Amazing.

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