There’s a sermon illustration (I like them, they stick in the mind) that is used to show the danger of using scripture out of context. It is of a man trying to put a screw in the wall using a chisel. Not only does he ruin the tool but he also ruins the screw and finds it extremely hard to put in. So with the Bible, if you take a verse out of its original background, and you don’t use it for it’s designed function, you ruin everything (thanks Dad for that one). So, a text without a context is a pretext for a proof text (thanks Taid / Don Carson for that one); or context is not a myth (thanks Stuart Lee for that one).

I did something probably as equally thick today when I used my penknife to screw on a new doorbell I was seeking to install. The knife was too big, slipped off the screw and snapped shut on my thumb. Thankfully I was using the smaller knife so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I still managed to cut through my thumb nail and the top of the digit itself.
I will now shift to the present tense to make the story seem more dramatic (thanks Alan Partridge for that one)...
There is blood everywhere. What do I do, what do I do? Should I go to A&E? Kitchen roll! Apply pressure to the wound! Google my injury, see if I need to go to hospital. No hands. Type with nose. INTERNET’S NOT WORKING! Check out wound and it’s healing up. No need for 999. Crisis over. Not even crying. And I have a cool cut to show for it.

That was my adventure for this morning. And I felt doubly stupid because only last week I was making fun of a certain Mr. de Jong for making a similar mistake with his penknife!


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