Magic Star Tax

I love the idea of using all the ingredients in the fridge and not letting food go to waste, this worked well last night as Sibyl made a brilliant pasta sauce. Everything went in… pork and leak sausage, bacon, mushrooms, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, onions, cheese. It tasted very good.

We were going to watch a film but we ended up being good Aberystwyth citizens and making the most of the glorious sunset which we were given. We sat promside on a bench and ate Magic Stars. I tried to resist consumption for a time but Sibyl said that that wasn’t the Rhodri she married, it made her feel uncomfortable for me to refuse anything sweet, “but it’s my teef!” I said, but eventually obliged after not too much persuading. Although they were swiftly taken away from me once Sibyl worked out the actual amount of hours she’d had to work to pay my dentist bills.

Then we got to talking about tax. I had it in my mind that the government take 40% tax (am I right here?). And that if someone earns say 500 thousand a year they actually earn 300 thousand. But Sibyl disagreed. She thinks that the amount you earn a year is based on how much you have left after tax. Who is right?

The evening ended with the promised (see yesterday’s post) reading of some Psalms. We read 1 and 2 (very good place to start Julie Andrews etc.). We discussed what it is to ‘rejoice with trembling’. Is that sort of praise present in our private and corporate worship these days? Do we sometimes have one without the other? Too much trembling and not enough rejoicing, or too much rejoicing and not enough trembling?


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