How can I have better quiet times with my God?

Some mornings I’m in a good mood and some mornings I’m in a bad mood. We shouldn’t be so inconsistent should we? I recall a preacher saying, you can decide not to be in a bad mood, it’s in a film as well I think… ah yes, I just looked it up, it’s in the beloved film Say Anything. I often link mood to whether I’ve done my devotions or not. I’m sure there’s something in it, but we are more complicated creatures than that perhaps.

I was on Justin Taylor’s blog yesterday and he posted up a helpful video of John Piper chatting to Tim Keller. I was really challenged to think of my quiet times once more, it stuck in my head when Tim Keller said “ten minutes, three times a week, just isn’t gonna cut it.” It’s frightening that on some weeks if I’ve had three ten minute quiet times I feel very proud of myself.

Over these early twenties years I’ve been living recently, I have talked and heard a lot about Grace. And that’s always the clincher. I know that if I never ever have a ‘QT’ never ever again, God still loves me as much as he loves his son (see end of John 17) my behaviour has no effect on that (see start of 1 John 1). Having said that, why would I not want to read Bible or pray to the Creator of the universe, a Father that I have direct access too, 24/7, through Christ Jesus!?

This is what Sibyl and I were chatting about last night before we went to sleep, which always seems to be when all the worries come out. Not always the most convenient time for either of us, but still great to think these things through.

So what will we do about it? How can we spend more time with our heavenly Father? How can we get to a position where we’re able to properly enjoy him? A classic preacher thing to say comes to mind, I think it might be attributed to Sinclair Ferguson, but I might have made that up, anyway, the story is that a preacher wanted to have ‘Nike’ sponsor his clerical robes, so that every Sunday, he could turn around and show the congregation his back which read:


How can I have better quiet times with my God?


Mr. Keller also made a practical point about singing/praying the Psalms more. Calvin and countless others sung Psalms all the time, many of us don’t do that anymore (although I know many of us do), that’s no good. Let’s get through those Psalms!


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