The gospel according to root canals

Just got back from the dentist. I went very very very nervous, nervouser than I was telling my body to be. I was going to have a root canal. My helpful Wrexham friend had told me that his root canal was “the worst pain he’d felt in his entire life”, so I was really scared.

Are there mean dentists? It seems that the probability is there should be mean dentists, but I’ve never had one. Doctors are mean, GPs are rarely nice, but dentists… The guy could have persuaded me to have a anesthetic free root canal and I would have thanked him for it. BUT I DIDN’T NEED ONE. Yeah, that’s the surprise. I thought I would need a root canal but I didn’t. In your face Dairy Milk.

I did however find out that I need seven fillings. Ouch (more ouch for my pocket than my mouth). I also found out that my middle class pink toothpaste is useless. It tastes healthy, it tastes like TCP. The packaging is attractive but it is a wolf in retro cardboard clothing. It’s called Euthymol… avoid it.

Anyway. I’m chewing lots of gum now. I don’t have sugar in my tea or coffee. But I still love the chocs.

Everye white will have its blacke
And everye sweete its soure.

I had a thought that if I could be as passionate about the good news of Jesus as I was about not having to have a root canal, a lot more people would hear. I actually rung my second year buddy’s doorbell, that’s how much I wanted to share my good news. I pray that the gospel would make me feel the same way (see Acts 4).


2 thoughts on “The gospel according to root canals

    • Two strange things. I thought of this film this afternoon AND WEIRDER, the TV said the words ‘Steve Martin’ as I clicked on your link. I had seen it, it’s classick. Just back from Midweek Meeting and Taid prayed for you, saying how much we were all looking forward to having you back. We are! xx

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