Enough is enough

Today is nice weather in Aberystwyth, but due to the unforseen behaviour of this summer I’m still carrying a jumper around, I’m sure I wasn’t doing that this time last year. I find myself being ungrateful, but really why should it matter?

An older lady spoke to me the other day and gave similar complaints. It was when we were in the midst of all that rain. I told her that we needed the rain, because that’s what you say, it’s just what you say – oh but we need the rain. She replied by telling me enough is enough.

“Enough is enough”!? As if she was a consumer, paying monthly bills for sunny weather and was not getting her money’s worth. Human behaviour is such that we very quickly develop a sense of entitlement in response to so many of the gifts we’re given, it’s true for weather and the same’s true for anything we own which is taken away from us (delayed train, injury, dropped toast). By complaining we quickly turn into Jonahs.

So I hope it doesn’t sound trite for me to say that I’d like to be more of a Job 1:21 person, even if the rain it raineth every day, or worse.

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