When your very first spoonful of coco pops of the day has a cat hair in it.

When you decide you’d like to buy a Kindle spontaneously from Tesco, but know you probably won’t.

When you think you’ll chance it at the box office for a 1:30 matinee.

When Romans 7 is better than you remember it being.

When you’re still reeling from last night’s glorious victory against your wife in Guess Who (which is actually called “Who’s Who” in our house, great Christmas present from cousin Victoria).

When you can’t wait to eat that satsuma.

When you’re praying that to do list will get do’d.

When your last spoonful of coco pops also has a cat hair in it.

You know it’s time to start blogging again*






*or just keep the felines away from the cereal.


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