Summer Heaven

The episode is called ‘The Pen’, Elaine is staying at Jerry’s parents’ house in Florida and neither of them can sleep because it’s too hot! Tis a funny one. That’s my first and maybe last summer thought.

I really haven’t had the urge to write for such a while and I wouldn’t have if jonblog (who’s new look blog is fab) hadn’t tweeted me to do so and follow WordPress’ suggestion to write about one’s ‘favourite summer sound’. I felt too constricted by the imperative to just write about a sound so I widened the margins to include summer as a concept, but now I feel I will widen it even further and just use summer as a spring board for yadayadayaing (to tip my hat to Seinfeld once more).

Summer is good though on the whole, it’s just generally a happier time. I often ponder what the weather will be like in heaven, I know that it will not be unpleasant (baby bear weather if you like). But will we have such beauties as snow and frost? Frost is beautiful when it sparkles in the sun, but is unpleasant to touch and inconvenient when one slips over upon it. More biblical study should be done by me on the criteria for heavenly features. The main thing will be the absence of sin and the presence of Jesus. That’s what I should look forward to most, but part of me just keeps wondering about the little details like snow, and whether we’ll be able to levitate.

At this point for no particular reason I am going to stray defiantly from the subject of heaven and summer and anything relevant to this post, because I want you to sympathise with my excuse for not blogging: busyness. I preached two sermons last month and am preaching another this Sunday (in Shrewsbury if you’re in town); we’re working in the Christian Bookshop in Aber as well as moving from our upstairs flat to the downstairs one. We had the arduous experience of having two holidays in a row, one to the Greek island of Santorini and the other to South Wales’ Gower peninsula. I also entered a play I wrote into a competition called ‘The Bruntwood Prize’ and I am currently praying that it would win it.

So, summer. Tis a funny one.


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