I was shot by a chinese woman in the head.

Fine, it was in a dream, but still traumatic. This is one of the benefits of not having as much on Uni-wise, we get to sleep in a bit more, which means more dreams. So, I was walking in a field with Knives from Scott Pilgrim and she shot me in the head! It was just above my left eye. However, thankfully I did not die. I did need stitches though. I loved it because everyone I met was really really sympathetic about my near fatal head wound. I should make a point of being close to mortally wounded much more often.

In other news, I received complaints from my wife this morning when her foot, (which was absent-mindedly placed at the end of the bed, uncovered) was splattered by a brilliant sneeze I had. Now I had made it very clear that I was going to sneeze, and we all know that the best sneezes are those ones that are free-range, when you are able to just let it manifest itself in the form it wants to live as, an organic sneeze so to speak. Pretty much what I’m saying is, if I’m about to sneeze in my own home, it’s a bit like when you’re in a theme park and they have a splash-zone: “if you stand here, you’re gonna get wet!”


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