The Westminster Catechism Rapped – What to Think!?

I’ve been listening to this.

I really am trying to get to a conclusion on what I think of it! I’m struggling a bit. I didn’t like Don Carson saying ‘Westside’ even if it was a joke. The only thing I can think is that this song would be a really good way for some people to remember the doctrines held in the catechism. It makes me consider the nature of hip-hop – it’s a boastful sound, it’s a big sound, it’s a hey look at me sound, and I find it hard to compute all of that with the Westminster Catechism! I don’t not like it though! It just makes me cringe, even though it’s already done in a tongue in cheek way (I think)!?

Shouldn’t give it too much thought, I should just think of a better way to remember the Westminster Catechism [or the 1689!?]



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