Pros and Cons of the Crime Drama ‘Bones’


  • It’s a well written, interesting drama and I’m well glad that it isn’t something like Glee she is obsessed with. (By the way, I have been known to enjoy Glee from time to time, don’t get me wrong – it just isn’t exactly intelligent TV)
  • I love seeing Sibyl’s enthusiasm as a typical episode reaches its denouement, I also enjoy experiencing the joy she finds in getting to know characters in a television series well.
  • She finds that she can do Uni work as she watches it, which is also a positive thing, better than playing the Wii because that cuts out the potential of doing some work.
  • It’s scientific, so there are a lot of potential educational opportunities there too. It’s all about human relationships ultimately (that’s not unique) but very specific world-views are presented. Dr. Brennan has an extremely rationalistic, sceptical view on everything, so to give an example she thinks humans are just mammals (a very common view), which make her conclusions directly go against the Bible’s teaching on many things, it’s good to engage with that sort of thing and know where people are coming from so that I have reasons as to why I believe what we believe. Agent Booth is presented as some sort of Christian but does not live a moral life – how should I react to that? I hope I think.


  • It’s American (cheap point, sorry I’m just warming up)
  • It’s got gross dead bodies in it which make it unsuitable tea time viewing.
  • It’s well written, but it’s not as good as Lost.
  • These super long American television ‘seasons’ have the capacity to take over your life. (Lost is most guilty of this crime) I am willing to commit extraordinary amounts of time to watching TV or listening to music, but often I don’t commit anywhere near as much time to reading the Bible or praying, writing creatively or school work. Hmmm…
  • This whole doing more than one thing at the same time thing is quite a big hit with the ladies. But I find myself doing it too, and it’s not necessarily negative. For example I will very rarely do the dishes without having music on, but I have heard from quite a few sources that not concentrating on just one thing is negative. For example right now I am trying to blog and I have Agent Booth in my ear arresting some murderer and my brain has the capacity to stress out. Maybe it’s good, I don’t know, keeps your brain active maybe. But I know personally it instead of one thing having my full attention, two things are getting half my attention. Apparently it leads to alzheimers too, but I don’t remember who told me that. Also I am aware I sound potentially Buddhist.

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of the Crime Drama ‘Bones’

  1. cant say i have ever seen bones. However i must say that i have always been quite annoyed at the seemingly endless onslaught of american tv series’ that seem to flush out of the fox network, lost being one. That said i am a big lover of lost. But was grossly put off by the finale, especially as it was predicted by every tom dick and harry by the end of the 2nd series. All in all, i thought your thoughts were well thought out! X

  2. Agree with most points Rhodri but the one that puts it in the nearly type is that each episode is basically self contained.

    The series never really develops and so it becomes rather dull.

    Plus you can never watch it whilst having any sort of food….

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