RE: Five Fave Films Of 2010 NOT Nominated for an Oscar

Here are my thoughts on the movies that filmdrift think deserve recognition on Oscars night but won’t be getting any:

1. Let Me In

I feel quite cool about this film because I have seen the original Swedish version (AKA Låt den rätte komma in) and not the lame Hollywood version. I liked it – beautifully shot. It’s about a vampire girl.

2. The Ghost Writer

Under the more cool and subtle title ‘The Ghost’ in the UK because we’re not as dumb as Americans who think that just because a film is called ‘The Ghost’ it must be about ‘A Ghost’. What a cool film, a wee bit long, bu the ending will make you go woommuuuuuuhoooooaaah!

3. Shutter Island

You know when you really want to see a film when you first see the trailer about a year before it comes out and then you don’t get a chance to actually see it when it does comes out so you plan to see it on DVD but still haven’t really got round to it and it bothers you when people talk about it and say that there is a really good twist and you’re really frightened that someone is gonna tell you the twist and ruin the whole film for you? No? Well…

4. Never Let Me Go

Dystopian drama! Should try watch it at some point if the opportunity arises.

5. The Book of Eli



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