Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Hello there reader, it’s been pretty busy with the Bradys recently. These are some things that I’d like to share with you:

I am at this present moment leaning back in the man of the house’s arm chair rubbing my satisfied belly after a joyful full English brekkie, the highlight of which were some lovely fried mushrooms – a delicacy I never imagined as a child I would find myself even touching. Growing up ‘ey!? Mental.

I am really enjoying a song by a man called Dan Black the song is ‘Wonder’ which I found on the FIFA 11 computer game. The track has a minor key mystery to begin with, moving into some clacky drums, big bassy movements, hip and with it lyrics and a major major chorus there are some lovely harmonoisatations too. Should’ve done GCSE music, darn it, wasted talent.

I rewatched The Incredibles last night, I think at the moment I would happily put myself out there and say it is my favourite film of all time, I really really really really like it. Okay!?

I thought it would be nice to share with you that I am currently wearing some great Iron Man socks which I received for Christmas from a certain resident of the real life Pontypandy (might be a different order of letters now I think). Her fiancĂ© was preaching for us on Sunday, his evening sermon particularly moved me to more concentrated prayer for our nation to turn to God, and I was further moved to do so by a verse I read in one of those daily reading books, it’s from Psalm 44:23 “Awake, why sleepest thou, O LORD? arise, cast us not off forever.” Prayer is such a privilege. As I’m gradually growing as a Christian, I am slowly learning how essential prayer is, I find myself being drawn to him more and more, though I would not say it has become easier to pray – I do feel that I can acknowledge more than ever before the firm fact that I would crumble without my God.

To finish off would you like a YouTube music video with Thomy Yorke in it? Here you go…

I like his dancing (good song too).


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