Don’t let Rpatz play Buckley!

I’ve always said that if they ever make a film of the life of Jeff Buckley I want to cast James Franco in the leading role. Now, I’ve heard that there will be a film – that’s new to me, but apparently the vampire fop has said he’s ‘obsessed’ with getting the role! I don’t actually mind Twilight and I’m not gonna lie to you, ten minutes of the extended commentary section of New Moon and you’ll be won over. But still. It’s not the original plan to have him strut up and steal things that aren’t his. It’s like deNiro suddenly claiming that he doesn’t want Stephen Fry to play Oscar Wilde anymore. James Franco will take the role and that’s that. Thank you.

One thought on “Don’t let Rpatz play Buckley!

  1. I agree James Franco would be a much better choice…he even kind of looks like Buckley. Twilight makes me cringe and I just don’t think the “fop” has the right chops for the part.

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