We’ll both forget the breeze

Will be taking Sibyl to her first exam of the year this morning, my first is tomorrow afternoon, then we both have ones on Saturday afternoon. She has been revising very hard so, go her!

I walked from Aberystwyth to Tal-Y-Bont yesterday for no particular reason. Sibyl was laughing at the seemingly gargantuan attempts I am willing to make at trying to procrastinate and not revise. I think it’s about 5 or 6 miles. The gutting thing is the fact that it took me a good two or three hours to walk there and about 20 minutes to come back!

I was talking to The Snufferjog about it today and he said that I would have appreciated the beauty of the countryside more if I didn’t have headphones in my ears with blaring music, I think he was right. My pursuit of the true Wales continues.

We discussed my Father’s favourite Bible story in Welsh CU this evening, Naaman. Classic stuff. We especially focussed on the young girl who piped up and made all the difference, praise God for little people like her! I am even littler.

I forgot how much I liked this song, I wince a bit now when I think about it because liking him became a bit of an uncool thing to do a while back, but this is lovely. Pleasant chord-progressions, guitar, backing vocals. All of it guuud.

5 thoughts on “We’ll both forget the breeze

  1. That is one of my favourite songs on the album. I remember putting it on to show my Dad in the car once, but he didn’t like it. I think his words were: ‘Alright. I’ve heard about your daughter. You don’t have to keep repeating it!’

    Dad’s eh?!

  2. ps. I wish I could walk to somewhere as cool sounding as Aberystwyth or Tal-Y-Bont…of course, I don’t know how to pronounce them, so maybe it’s not as cool sounding as it looks. But I can walk 20 miles and still be in Spokane.

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