Anamorphic Widescreen

Hello there, thought it would be nice to type something. I have been sort of revising today, I have one exam on Friday and another on Saturday. Today, in preparation I have been reading the play Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth.

Wife is also revising her biological clever stuff, I’ll ask her how it’s going. She hesitates, then picks up a wad of papers and dumps them all on my lap “I need to revise all this by Thusday, or I’m dead.” I won’t probe any further. She is listening to King of the Rodeo by the Kings of Leon really into their monarchy aren’t they!

I had breakfast in McDonalds this morning which was lovely. I always get the same thing, pancakes and sausage (American sausage) with two pots of syrup. I hate to imagine how many calories that actually is, wait scrap that, it’s not that I hate to think, I don’t think, I enjoy the gift of joyful food and seek to avoid excess. Yeah.

I’ve been especially enjoying playing FIFA 11 on the Wii (see my live tweeting session about two or three weeks ago). I’m still quite bad at it, I just led Manchester United into a 1-0 defeat against Cheltenham. Embarrassing. I originally got into it because c.o.t. and Derek roped me into playing the Xbox version with them. I started to genuinely get some enjoyment out of it, and Mrs Brady did me proud and bought me a copy of the game from Amazon. It’s not as good as the Xbox one in terms of graphics etc. but it’s just as fun, it also has street mode which looks fun. Meanwhile Sibyl has been enjoying Super Mario Galaxy 2, acquired philanthropically (that’s a word apparently!?) we are about to have another session of the game together before we both get back to some important revision!


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