Poem: ‘The buzz has gone…’


The buzz has gone, he just can’t feel it anymore.
The buzz has gone, he just can’t feel it anymore.

Since August the first,
They’re displaying the curse,
Pleading “Empty your purse!”
For Christmas.
But the past couple of years

Just haven’t been the same,

And he can’t avoid it.

It’s calling his name,

It’s everywhere, it’s in the air.

People trying to make him feel


But he’s not hot anymore, he’s cold.

In fact he’s freezing.

Ice on the pavement,
No central heating.
Blocked up noses,
Daylight is fleeting.
Where’s the excitement?
Why’s my heart not beating?
Why am I revolted,
By the thought of seeing…

The buzz has gone, he just can’t feel it anymore.

His Mum doesn’t love him like all of yours do,
She sent him an advent Calendar, this year it’s blue.
You might think it’s nice,
It would make you feel happy,
But you don’t understand,
This present is really, really naff.
Instead of opening the door and getting some chocolate,
Every day he gets a Bible verse.
How depressing.

Ah, nostalgia’s not what it used to be.
He’s mislaid those rose tinted specs,
His memories exist on a USB disk,
But he left that in the library six months ago.

But he just wants to smile,
Like that little child,
The one in the advert for Disney.
But he’s not delighted,
The feeling’s unrequited,
Might be a little short sighted,
But he wishes to be invited,
And not to feel slighted,
Like the kid in the advert, who got up and shouted:

But the buzz has gone, he just can’t feel it anymore.

So dash it all,

Cos that’s what adult life’s all about

(As soon as you hit the late teens).
All the things you once loved,
The fun and the games,
Turn ugly, sour and green.
Maybe it’s not that bad,
Kids don’t get to mate.
Like us grown ups do.
But it get s quite difficult to find your one true love,
When you’re completely off your face.

Don’t forget Mum,
She’s hasn’t a clue,
They keep texting,
Saying “Praying 4 U!”
“Mother, how is that helping?”

Fists clenched in rage.
“I know you like church,
But I’ve left home, I’m at Uni, I’ve got friends, and coursework, and rent to pay!
Why not send me money instead?”

Besides, all this religious good will,

None of it’s real.

Well that’s what his mates say anyway.
They proved to him that a virgin birth is scientifically unfeasible.

(You can show it in a lab!)

“So there Mum.”
As for angels, stars and silent nights, they’re just silly.
But instead of crying and lying and waiting for death,

He’s got a new plan which will give him new breath,
He’ll enjoy Christmas for the food, make sure he has fun, make sure he sees family,
This Christmas’ll be the one!

So roast your dignity on Nat’s open Fire!
Cos it’s beginning to look a lot like… nothing.
So let it snow, let it hail, let it rain.
Precipitation is no longer my concern.
As long as his stomach is full of food,
And his blood is pumping full of booze,
He’ll have a jolly good Christmas.

So he sits there, smiling, cos he’s in the know.

He’s waiting for Santa to come down the chimney
(So to speak).

But you guessed it,

The buzz has gone, he just can’t feel it anymore.

He sits there and screams,

He’s fuming this time:
“I hate it, I hate it!

I hate it, I do!

I wish I was five,
I wish I was five,
I wish I was little,
I wish I was five!”

Then strangest of all,

He gets on his knees,

And looking to heaven,

Says these words that you read:
“God if you love me,
Make me an infant!
Lord Jesus I want it,

You could do it in an instant.
All I want is the life of a child!
You know, a bit like Peter Pan,
Oh Lord make me fly,

Please make me soar,
To be like a boy but not like a man.”

“I don’t want to worry about my exams,
I don’t want to worry about being poor,
I don’t want to sit there and get unemployed,
And I want to stop feeling so, so annoyed.
Take away responsibility,
Take away all I owe,
Take away confrontation,
People I don’t want to know.”

Then he fell asleep.
The very next morning,

He opened a door,

A minature one,

On that festivial eye-sore.
And this here is what,

That young man has seen:

Mark Chapter ten specifically verse fifteen:
“Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter therein.”



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