Letter to a BBC Radio Chaplain

I sat with my wife in bed this morning, listening to your thought of the day slot on Radio 2 we waited eagerly for a rare chance to listen to a Christian share her faith. We are live in a time when Christians are being sidelined and it is so very rare to hear God’s name being mentioned on the BBC. I hear reports from broadcasters such as Jeremy Vine, Simon Mayo where they give details of instances where they have not felt able to speak out about their religious convictions, because their beliefs are being restricted.

You started by talking about the importance of touching, I was glad to hear you telling some moving stories and anecdotes all involving the significance of human contact. However I began to despair, considering the extremity of the small slot of time you are given on the radio, you still had not reached the point where you were able to point the listeners to Jesus. When eventually you did, I was bitterly disappointed to hear you skim over the entirety of our Lord Jesus’ ministry, by summing it up with the fact that it was merely good that Jesus touched people, concluding that we should be like that more often.

What does your maker think of you? What will he say when you meet him on the day of judgement? I do not doubt for a second that you have considered this question very carefully and are in a far more advantageous position than myself in terms of religion. But God sees the opportunities you’ve been given to broadcast to millions and the fact that you have squandered them with a bland, empty and intolerably hopeless message does not bode well for your eternal soul.

But there is hope yet! Jesus loves you still, as he loves me. I think back to countless occasions where God has given me the chance to share my faith with others, but I have shrunk in embarrassment or not said the right thing. I ask that you consider deeply and thoughtfully whether you really are born again (as Jesus commands us to be), ask yourself if you really are following the commands of the Bible, and whether you actually are teaching what God wants you to. I plead with you to repent from preaching sugar coated tributes to the beauty of humanity and instead to turn to the one who is able to cleanse from all wrongdoing, the one who sacrificed his own son and promised to rescue us a lost race, if we turn to him.


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