Blewog’s Firey Diary – 20/10/2010 (Sleep, Sweets & Rainbows)

My sleeping is better by now by the way, I think I’m over my weird little night-time ‘issue’. Still catching up with sleep though. Had to munch through several fruit pastilles in my lecture yesterday to keep me awake, but of course it is not strange for me to be guzzling sweets, I feel that by now I am somewhat of an expert on most sugar based treats currently on the market. I particularly enjoyed the fruit pastilles if you’re wondering, because unlike many other items of confectionary which have been ruined by the fact that they do not contain artificial colours and flavourings, fruit pastilles are now juicier and tastier than ever, they must be using real fruit or something crazy like that. Smarties on the other hand look bland and seem to have become far less exciting than they used to, I assume it’s because they have to use ‘edible colours from nature’ artificial colours were still given by God you know Nestlés! The pots don’t even have lids that you can choke on anymore, so inconsiderate and what’s more they are hexagonal not cylindrical like they used to be! Sucks. Next thing you know they’ll stop making the orange ones taste like orange.

On the subject of nostalgic sweet rants, did I report to you that they have brought back the ice cream flavoured chewits. If I already said, I don’t care it’s awesome news worth repeating. Those were little cubes (or should I say cuboids as I’m being very mathematical in my shape descriptions as of late) of joy, and now they’re back. What’s more they’re selling them with cola flavoured chewits and you can mix and match to give the effect of an ice cream float! Really tasty.

I walked up Constitution Hill with a friend yesterday, the first time I had done it this Academic Year. Was hoping the café at the top would be open, but it was gone 5:30, so wishful thinking on my part. We walked over the hill and round back into town, it was incredibly windy and all the more cold because I had just shaved off what was previously a surprisingly effective layer of face fungus. The highlight of the walk was in the midst of a moment of disappointment when we were met by some light rain, suddenly we were embraced by the sight of a glorious, full (sadly not double) rainbow! It really was gorgeous and clear and you could see every colour and a pot of gold at either end. I felt like Noah, especially when I already had the reminder of such a great expanse of water with the sea to my left and then the sight of what emerged out of the flood I could see some mountains to my right. Brilliant.

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All you iPad users out there finally have a way to carry it around and still look cool.


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