Blewog’s Firey Diary – 30/09/2010

It’s been an extremely busy last few days. You must be sick and tired of reading about stuff to do with the CU. But it has been taking up a large part of my time. I got my timetables this morning and before you start poking and laughing no it isn’t really that full up with lectures. But this year I am going to use that time to work super hard! I am! I’ve already got all the books I need out of the library! I have!

I watched a film called ‘Man On Wire’ last night, not to be confused with this or this. It’s about a guy who attempted to tight rope between the twin towers in the early seventies. But did he make it!?

It was a very well made docu-film and kept you tense and interested, drawing on aspects of a heist film along with well chosen pieces of classical music on the soundtrack. Watching the film was also a great chance to catch up with my friend, he’s a great guy, and most of the time isn’t mental (the impression you get from the video).

Last night was the very first Welsh CU meeting of the year, we’ve been really looking forward to it. The subject we’re looking at is ‘faith’ or should I say ‘ffydd’ for those of you out there who pray for us, please do.

The last few days have also been a good chance to see our friends from downstairs we had some lovely soup and watched some of this, which I’d never seen before. Quite enjoyable methinks.

It’s raining verily in Aberystwyth today, but busyness has subsided sightly for now, won’t be going outside anytime soon!

Listening to:

Virally Contracted:

Think of any person, and it’ll probably guess who you’re thinking of. Very clever but of webbyness. It even guessed me! Click on the picture to play.

(Via my friend Lewis)


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