Blewog’s Firey Diary – 23/09/2010 (Sanctification, Tourism & Depressed Jugglers)

Busy day today, started off with a prayer meeting at nine. We’ve been having these every morning because it’s freshers week. Today, Sibyl led the devotion all about persistence and trust in God’s answers to prayer. I thought to myself that if I was a time traveller and wanted to show a younger Sibyl a moment from her future, this would be the one, I doubt that she or I could even begin to imagine God to have worked in such a miraculous way to change both of our lives so dramatically.

Next on my list was my task of sorting out a tour of Aberystwyth for international freshers which was to take place that afternoon. I sensibly made my first stop at the tourist information centre, hoping for a leaflet or two and some tips on good tour guiding. Instead I was given a four page, ready sorted tour of the town to follow! They’d done the hard work for me, in fact a bit too much hard work, I actually ended up having to cut down on all the fabulous information they had provided.

I learned so much about Aberystwyth, for example the fact that a man called Mario Rutelli had made two statues that are in town, one outside the old college of Edward VIII (the only one of him in the world) as well as the war memorial by the castle.

I also learned that on an old inn (now a trendy café) which was called the Victoria has a ship’s figurehead on it (made in 1840). It’s the only merchant ship figurehead of Queen Vic in the whole of the UK and one of only four in the world!

Also, the pier (built 1865) used to be 800 feet long but after a few storms it got gradually shorter,  in 1942 the explosion of a drifting sea mine on the rocks below really caused some serious damage!

I was ready and hyped for the tour, hoping to give lots of international students a good old Christian welcome, but sadly only one turned up! It could have been worse though, I had a good time talking to her and two other girls from the CU came along too. They kindly listened to my ramblings and added in their own knowledgeable insights too.

After that I was faced with task of finding 150 bottles of water for the Welsh CU’s welcome team tomorrow. We wanted to give them to the freshers and stick CU stickers on them so they can hear all about us. I called the co-op hoping to strike up a monetary deal, but amazingly they suggested a donation! After sorting out an official letter I was able to pick up 24 bottles of mineral water free of charge. My task tomorrow is to find a hundred or so more. On a tight budget it won’t be easy, but as we’ve seen today God provides!

After e-mailing and calling the CU types making sure they’re all ready for tomorrow I settled down for some beautifully and lovingly made pasta from my wife. She made the sauce from scratch! And it had bacon in it! And cheese grated on top!

I had a bit of a playwriting spree last night, which tends to happen at inconvenient times, meaning I got to bed late and now I’m totally shattered. Good days are always busy ones though. Definitely.

Listening to:

I was reminded of this song from a friend’s facebook profile. One line is often misquoted ‘Elvis is a watermelon’.

Virally contracted:


2 thoughts on “Blewog’s Firey Diary – 23/09/2010 (Sanctification, Tourism & Depressed Jugglers)

  1. Haia Rhods. Paragraff cyntaf gret. Ma’ Duw wedi gweithio mewn ffordd mor hyfryd ym mywyd Sibyl yn do. A thrwy hynny wedi cyfoethogi dy fywyd di yn anhygoel a’n bywyde ninne. Ni’n ei charu hi’n fawr a tithe ‘fyd. Gobeithio yr aiff wythnos y glas yn dda iawn. A. Catrin x

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