Blewog’s Firey Diary – 04/08/2010 “Madonna’s minions.”

NOTE: This post has been removed due to a confidentiality claim from Madonna. A letter of apology has been personally sent and has been read by the offended parties.


20 thoughts on “Blewog’s Firey Diary – 04/08/2010 “Madonna’s minions.”

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  2. Really interested to read your blog about Madonna. I am a big fan of her and it was good hearing titbits from your experience with her. I will be glad when she gets back to some music, although she seems to be enjoying this project.

  3. “But there she was, all little and wrinkled”.
    That was uncalled for. That was probably the cheapest shot I have ever heard from a person.
    How funny it is that we judge people by their looks alone. If she had a Dolce & Gabanna full length gown on with a face of makeup would you have called her a self indulgent bitch?

    Though your blog was interesting, it sounds like you are not cut out for the business. Rule of thumb don’t talk smack and question your bosses looks, expierence and complain or ride off the glamour of being on set. I would fire you.

  4. What a good insight into what it’s like on a film set! And how interesting to hear how Madonna is when she’s not the one on show. What an experience! :)

  5. Thanks for the interesting read….AND of course you should have commented on her looks. Madonna’s career is centered around her aesthetics. This is why she invests so much in maintaining her physical appearance which in turn is why she looks better than most 51 yo’s.

    Small bits of insight whether physical or otherwise about one of the most significant artists of our time is always appreciated and really shouldn’t be seen as negative. That physical description, “little” (shes 5’4″) and “wrinkled” sounds accurate and honest about a soon to be 52yo.

  6. I doubt that the writer of this blog spent enough time on the set. I also believe that this story has some thrown in drama to make it an interesting read. Sounds like a story that should be in the tabloids.

    Why would the writer make a Gaga reference? Hmm, I wonder.

  7. Thank you for giving us an insight into your experience on the set and with Madonna.

    I’m a huge fan! I quite enjoy hearing unfiltered accounts from people who have come in contact with Madonna. It’s honest and of course it’s just your perspective, but I like it.

    And the part about being small and wrinkled…I like that you included that in there…it’s a nice juxtaposition, the way you included it. She is such a huge force and like almost unreal, but then again she’s human…flesh and bones, wrinkles and all.

    And, to the person above who was bitching about that comment…it’s a blog. He’s giving us his personal account. He may not even be a fan, or maybe he is, but he was writing what was on his mind and in his heart.

    Thank you!

  8. Sometimes it comes to my mind how my reaction can be if I have Madonna within 4 feet from me. You certanly already had that experience and you can give your opinion about the experience. Think you were a little bit unfair with her here: she certanly is not singing on a stage or trying to look fabulous on her apearence. Absolutely unique experience anyways.

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  10. interesting entry. it reads like an episode of gervais’ extras. i am a huge fan of madonna, and, sincerely, i am tired of people mentioning negative things about her physical appearance. what did you expect? she is 51 yo. still, she looks way better than my mama… to me, she is beautiful. another issue to disagree with you: she is not making this movie because of the money. if she were worried about money, she’d be rehearsing for her next tour or creating a new clothing line for horny teenagers. believe me, this movie, like her previous (filth and wisdom) has to do with her love for film and the topic.

  11. Thank you for the little write up…although it was nice to hear about your experience…it was sad you had to take a cheap shot at MADONNA.

    I hope this movie does really well.

  12. Why do people suffer from the “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. 20 years from now someone will probably critisize Lady Gaga for wearing a plain frock and cardie…

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