Blewog’s Firey Diary – 03/07/2010

We left around quarter to nine yesterday morning for Shrewsbury, where we were to attend a wedding. Eventful occurrences that day:

  • Enjoying the novelty of wearing a suit.
  • Taking the jacket and tie off, because it was too hot.
  • Grinning at the wife, cos I fought she looked well good.
  • Feeling a sense of relief that this was not my wedding day and that I could relax.
  • Sighing and smiling with everyone else at the bride’s entrance.
  • Taking to heart an encouraging reminder about this.
  • Hearing lovely wedding bells just like in Disney’s Robin Hood.
  • Being told that I wasn’t really the Drama type, rather more of an engineering sort of fellow.
  • Enjoying the fantastic food (sticky chicken, toad in the hole, toffee pudding).
  • Seeing our Grandparents who popped over for a while. (Shrewsbury’s not too far from Aber)
  • Becoming extremely annoyed by my younger brothers new game of grabbing you by the face like they do in films when they kidnap a child.
  • Trying to play Pixar Top Trumps, but feeling too car sick.
  • Allowing little bro to fall asleep on me.
  • Eating fruit Polos.

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