Blewog’s Firey Diary – 26/06/2010

Woke up this morning in an empty bed! Sibyl had been to a party last night and decided not to come home.  I had spent the night at the church youth club (David & Goliath, treasure hunt) then spent the evening with my brothers playing my new Pixar Top Trumps and watching Glastonbury.

This week’s been an interesting one. I spend most of my life wishing to be productive or creative or famous or holy and regretting my failure in these areas. A lot of this week was taken up with me going on the blogs I used to and finding lots of links/funny GIFs and posting them. It’s fun for me, and it might be fun for you (if you clicked) but not really that productive. I’ve been wanting to get some stuff together for a website I’ve been promising myself and which has been organised by Sibyl’s sister. It involves redrafting several of the articles (if you can call them that) on this blog and various other things I’ve done and formatting them for webdom. I got mind numbingly bored of that though, and went back to surfing. When I finally got round to finishing off the second draft of the play I’ve been working on, I realised that the version I’d brought to London (from Aberystwyth) was not the right one so I couldn’t.

However, all is not lost. I started work yesterday and continued working on today, on a new play! An idea involving tribes and fighting and gender. It’s very exciting.

Other events today was a nice fry up with the Bradys (my nuclear). Traditionally we always have potato waffles, sausages, beans and thickly sliced bread on a Saturday. That was lovely, I like lots of ketchup with mine. Then we were off to the end of year service at the London Theological Seminary (LTS).

The end of year service is an annual tradition for us, because it’s close to our home, it’s where my Father studied and there’s usually a student we know graduating (they assign the students to different churches, we usually get at least one a year). Today was a hot and bothered affair, with longness and quite a bit of longevity, made longer by the heat. But it was great to hear the students speak about how they found the course and their time and what they were planning to do in the future. I was rather gutted they didn’t sing the tune of a hymn I wanted them to sing basically they sung this one instead of this one. Argh. The sermon was on preaching (funny that). It struck me that as a Christian I am to be an example to people, Christians and non-Christians alike. I am really not that good at doing that, I’m praying.

The buffet there is always a great mix of sausage rolls with sausage, sausage rolls with cheese, sausage rolls with vegetables, sausage rolls with no sausage, sausage rolls with no roll. Along with Victoria sponge.

Loving FreeFoto dot com right now.

I ended up getting the Pixar top trumps out again, but lost severely twice.

We went back home and watched half of the Doctor Who finale before heading to SpectrumSpectrum’s for a BBQ. Very nice. I especially enjoyed the steak. It was lovely to see old friends as well. It’s one of the great things about being back in London. One goes to see their friends and (cliché alert) it’s like you’ve never gone away, yesterday, only yesterday, when I was sad, when I was lonely, all my troubles seemed so Papa was a rolling stone.

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