Indelible Links – June 24th, 2010

Lots of pictures of the oil spill.

Whatever you do, don’t drink Coke.

I want this guy’s name.


Ronaldo gives birth to a ball.

Make your own Batmobile.

Cool ten pin bowling trick involving a bar stool.

Ever wondered what Darth Vader wears to parties?

Nine highlights from a rare photographs site:

  1. Kirk Douglas steals Brigitte Bardot’s moustache.
  2. He was smug even when he was kid.
  3. Barrymore, on the shoulders of Spielberg.
  5. Smells like teen spirit, or has someone done a whoopsie?
  6. I fear he may be serious.
  8. Coolest. Dad. Ever.
  9. It don’t matter if you’re black, or white, or a tortoise.


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