Faith Films and sporadic thoughts on a Christian’s role in the world

Just read this at the Guardian website, it’s rather interesting. Sibyl recently showed me Fireproof a film which my Dad lent her along with two others made by Christians. It wasn’t too bad, there were some fantastic bits, but I found it had too much of an agenda (I guess that’s the point of faith films though – to have an agenda).

It seems that mega-churches all over the US are making these types of films and they all look to ‘The Passion of the Christ’ as the Mecca to reach in terms of making a good’un.

I hear The Passion isn’t even based on the gospels, but on some Nun’s visions (is that true?) and that Gibson made them all chant in Latin before shooting (is that true?). Anyway, by Mr. Mel’s track record recently, he doesn’t seem the most reliable of fellows. Despite all this I see that some churches are showing it as an evangelistic event even using it as a section in their Alpha courses.

I may have mentioned here that I watched a film called Man Dancin’ directed by Norman Stone. I suppose that could be classed as a faith-film, but it only had a wee-bit of an agenda and it turned out to be engaging in terms of plot and stuff as well, along with professional actors and filmmakers, not just church volunteers.

They seem to have the right idea though. We are instructed in God’s word to subdue the earth he has given us. That means culture too. Let’s make films, farm, paint pictures, tell jokes, knit, fix cars, wash the dishes, write novels, work in offices and sweep streets – we’re in the world not of the world. All Christians are to be ministers within these fields, and some of them get paid to minister full time.

It must be faced that Christians will always be different, will never fit in, they must always remember that they’re only here for a short time and their aim isn’t to be part of ‘the crew’. But sometimes, just sometimes Christians can not just become part of a human endeavour, they become the champions of it. Think Isaac Newton, Cadbury, C.S. Lewis. The only thing that makes a Christian a Christian is that he/she belongs to Jesus. We’re all human.


2 thoughts on “Faith Films and sporadic thoughts on a Christian’s role in the world

  1. I remember Norman Stone pointing out (in our church actually) that generally speaking you can either aim for a broad audience and go into less depth or a narrow audience and and go into more depth, which makes sense. I suppose what you are wanting is to increase the depth without losing audience breadth.

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