We’ve Gone Viral! (in Japan)

Many of you may have seen this video:

It’s super cute and has just become my most viewed video (by about a hundred thousand). So that’s really cool!

Did I mention that they are predominantly in Japan? Turns out it has been posted on at least three big Japanese blogs.

The thing is, can it be classed as viral? Well definitions vary but this one seems to disagree:

I think you have the wrong definition of viral. Just because a video has a lot of views doesn’t mean it’s viral. Viral means that the video is posted everywhere to advertise/talk about it, whether it encourages you to or not. Obviously more views comes from this, but it’s possible to just have a video in one location with a lot of views and have it not be considered viral.


Anyway, it’s cool because now I can sing this with Tom Waits:


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