Things I’ve smashed this week. But don’t worry. Phew!

Broken hugging salt and pepper shakers

I never knew things could get so dramatic on the kitchen worktop. I know, white sliced bread! Unforgivable.

I’m sure you’ve seen these around, they’re very fashionable. I got them for Sibyl before everyone else was selling them in Britain. I saw them for sale in a French market in Nice! They are salt and pepper shakers! And they hug! And they’re faces are the holes you use to get the stuff out! And they are china! And they are Sibyl’s favourites! This was a truly sad occasion. However we were very fortunate to receive another pair for our wedding, from Tom. Phew!

Smashed wine glass


Getting these wine glasses from Sibyl’s cousin was probably the best thing about getting married. They are like fish bowls and they fit a whole wine bottle into one glass. Not that we’d want to do that. But this is the first of six to smash, thankfully this time I’m not in the froghouse because I was half way through a fairy sud filled session of washing up at the time. Phew!

Fitting song, no?

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