Just spent forty five minutes flicking through the blog…

I really appreciated having all that time last year, one of the cool things I got to do was post a ridunkyoolass amount of stuff on here. I only hope some of it will be of help, interest, enlightenment or entertainment to someone on the interwebs.

I’m posting a lot less now and spending less time on those posts. There was a time I would scour the weld wade wob for all sorts of oogly googly loveliness, but I won’t anymore. I’m not after that extra 200 views I got by putting up someone else’s picture of the moon and getting people to find it through an image search.

I entered another poetry competition today. I rewrote my twentieth birthday prose into poetic form and I liked it. I’ll post it along with the library one. I’m being lazy, sorry. It’s strange writing poems and writing generally because you can read over it and realise that this could just as easily be the worst piece of rubbish you’ve ever come across, or the greatest thing ever in the history of things. I have equal ability for self praise and self loathing, both of which are counter-productive.

We have storage heaters in our flat, which are these seemingly great inventions that save up heat in the night and blast it out in the day, because it’s cheaper in’t night time. Only at around two, it sucks all the moisture out of the bedroom and gives me and The Sibs sore throats. *Sob.*


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