Hey… hello there.

Life is good here in Aberystwyth. We are back after a nice Christmas and New Year rest in Londinium. We experienced a rather stressful eighteen hour jurney back here, but we made it through.

I watched Battlestar Gallactica and Full Metal Jacket today. These two visual moving image pieces are unrelated as far as I can tell, I just happened to watch them both today.

I have some breathing time because for the past three or four days I’ve been writing essays that I had left to quite literally the last minute. But I can only work under pressure, so what should I expect?

My aim to write a play a month this year is still under-cover but on its way nevertheless. You can never blame me for a lack of ambition. Actually fulfilling those ambitions is another question though.

I won a poetry competition! The libraries of the UK have said that people should submit different arty things so that people will like libraries again, so I wrote a poem on the spot and they liked it. I’ll try and upload it soon, along with my recent essays (one’s on the Wizard of Oz and how it’s really sexist!)

With that comp I won £50 Amazon vouchers which is very exciting, so today I bought some DVD’s I felt were relevant to my current line of interest.

I am being beckoned to go and pick up some curry so I must dash. Good bye.


2 thoughts on “Hey… hello there.

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  2. I am the same on the needing pressure to work bit. It’s just a shame it gets so stressful. Sounds like you’re getting on well though! :)

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