Namedrop-Bellyflop #2

You may remember a while ago I posted this all about my assault on Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.

Today’s entry is somewhat less well-known but in my eyes more exciting. Have you ever seen/heard of The Adam and Joe Show? It was on Channel 4 in the late nineties, I re-watched them a while back when they put it up on 4oD, it’s very silly and funny.

I listened to them on XFM and then they had a Coca-Cola sponsored podcast which was a bit rubbish, now they’re on BBC 6 radio and they are back to their great standards.

There is a new Tintin movie on its way next year which Spielberg is directing. Joe Cornish is/was involved in the screenplay, which is very cool.

I was out this afternoon watching Pied Piper this afternoon and we wandered into a really cool arty abandoned bunker thing made by Robert Kusmirowski.

He has created a World War Two-era bunker. This highly atmospheric installation – featuring a warren of mysterious rooms and a draisine running along a track that disappears into a dark tunnel – transports viewers to another reality.

We came out and bumped into Mr. Cornish. Now my first mission was to remember whether he was Adam or Joe, my brain delivered on that one and before I knew it I was telling him how much of a fan of ‘his work’ I was. That’s probably the most clichéd sentence I could have come up with.

He then asked me why I was here and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to put myself in an Ali G style pose when I said we were here for the street dance. He claimed he’d just come for the exhibition but I saw him half an hour later, sitting in the row in front of us watching the street dance too, so he’s a liar.

I then realised that he felt it was appropriate to leave and I tried to think of something else to say, all I came up with was “oh, have you met my brother Dewi?” What!? Where did that come from? I quickly realised that this exchange was over and wished him a Merry Christmas and briskly walked away.

One always re-imagines these situations and thinks through the other things they could have said. In my mind we compare notes about writing scripts and he tells me some exclusive gossip about the new Tintin film and how Steve Spielberg is “such a sweetheart”. But my lips failed me this time. Oh well.


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