London Theatre I’ve Seen Recently

We watched Kevin Spacey (Henry Drummond) and David Troughton (Matthew Harrison Brady) at The Old Vic in London in Inherit The Wind. Described as

A parable that fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial as a means to discuss the then contemporary McCarthy trials.

Trevor Nunn the well experienced Theatre director was in charge, so as one would expect the production was of a very high standard. Onc

e we got over the thrill of seeing Mr. Spacey in the flesh as well as the thrill of experiencing the sight of a genuine monkey on stage (!) as well as the singing of some classic old American hymns; I found this an extremely satisfying and brain-poking show.

Secondly I watched a show called Pied Piper, by a group called Boy Blue Entertainment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was an adaptation of the classic Pied Piper fable. They made some great modern day translations; the rats became criminal hoodie vermin, and it was peppered with London ‘gangsta’ references. It fell short with it’s attempt to stick to the storyline by making him actually lead actual children actually away. I get the fact that it’s good to get rid of crime but I don’t get why we’re promoting child kidnap!?

Most of this show consisted of amazingly choreographed street dance sequences in the style of ‘Diversity’ and the like. Bits that made you go “that was just so cool!


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