Karaagadzhlar: The Invisible Village

Reports are coming in that the small village of ‘Karaagadzhlar’ in the Aghjabadi Rayon of Azerbaijan. Has become the first clustered human settlement to become invisible.

The area indicated in red is thought to be the village.

Experts are sceptical as to the truth of this claim, however Professor Ratfig Bial of the Eland Precept said in a statement today that the possibility of active camouflage was highly plausible:

A group of camouflage technologies which allowed an object to blend into its surroundings by use of panels or coatings capable of altering their appearance, color, luminance and reflective properties has been developed. However this is thought to have been stolen from a top-secret location at approximately 5 am on the morning of July 2nd 1982. The ingredients to achieve active camouflage are all there and they have the capacity to provide perfect concealment from visual detection.

It is thought that they are the perpetrators of the theft of the US army’s cloaking device which they had previously used as an advanced stealth technology that causes immediate invisibility.

An interpretation as to what technique may have been used to conceal the village.

Any attempt to try and find out whether these claims are true have been thwarted as all the surrounding towns and villages have been put on high security alert from their individual law enforcement authorities, which in Azerbaijan have total control over who or what goes out and in.

By now, not one Azerbaijani website mentions the village under this name, making it difficult for Police in the area to gain any ground in finding those responsible for this. A private investigation is underway.


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