Crunchie Sand, Crazy Aussies & Half Term

‘Reading Week’. Despite it being brilliant that I get a week off; I do think this is just the Uni’s way of saying half term!

No it’s not, it’s closed for a week. Pointless.

If you are British you will be familiar with the concept of half term. It’s a really short, week long holiday usually about half way through term (funny that) and serves the purpose of giving students and teachers the rest they need. Which they don’t need.

Check out the info:

English, Welsh and Northern Irish schools

Most schools run a three-term school year. They usually have a week’s break half way through (half-term) and are structured as:

  • Autumn term: September to December (half-term, October)
  • Spring term: January to Easter (half-term, February)
  • Summer term: Easter to July (half-term, May)
  • The time between the end of school and the start of the next academic year is known as the summer holiday or, as was the traditional length of the break, the six-week holiday. Term Dates for maintained schools are set by Local Education Authorities, some of which have begun to trial alternative arrangements.

  • Northern Ireland’s summer term lasts from Easter to the end of June, with no half term. The province’s summer holiday then lasts nine weeks, from the start of July until the end of August. This is because of their Twelfth of July holiday.
  • There’s a whole lot of stuff about Academic Terms all around the world here.

    As far as I know, Australasians and many others Academic years start in January, which probably makes a bit more sense with their summer being at Christmas.

    Who’d have summer at Christmas though? Crazy!

    Let’s have a barbequed turkey on the beach before throwing sand ballsat eachother. Brilliant.

    Oh and there is nothing worse than sand in food. Nothing can ruin a perfectly good mouthful more than a couple of grains of sand which get in there and ruin everything. CRUNCH.



    2 thoughts on “Crunchie Sand, Crazy Aussies & Half Term

    1. I LOVE reading week….mainly ‘cos I’m lazy and really enjoy the week off. Not that I’m lazy during the week off…*ahem* I read lots.

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