In the dark with Kershaw?

This week for one of our introductory lectures an interesting chap called Stuart Kershaw came in and spoke to us.

No! That’s NICK Kershaw!

He seemed like an alright sort of fellow and led an interesting life. He is the director of a film company called ‘In The Dark Productions‘.

Some of his films are:


  • ‘The Virgin Trade: Sex, Lies and Trafficking’ all about Thailand’s red light district; I gather it’s gritty and moving.
  • ‘The Calling’ is an exploration into the similarities between radical Islam bombers and white supremacist thug types.
  • ‘Ocean 14’ is not another sequel to Oceans 11 it’s all about a bunch of guys trying to row across the atlantic ocean!


  • There’s another one where they try and  run 7 ultra marathons in 7 consecutive days on 7 separate continents.

So you can tell that he’s the adventure type.

He graduated from Aberystwyth so I just thought it was cool that he was a semi successful and did the same course as I am.

I wonder what use my degree will be in ten years time?


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