I’m still infected thus am forced to sit here on my own in confinement. I just watched The Producers (1968) it was pretty jokes.

After much encouragement from my younger brother, I’m listening to the leaked Arctic Monkeys album, Humbug. I will buy it when it comes out, I pwomise. It’s very psychedelic and about as far from Mardy Bum as you can get. It’s currently under the genre Psychedelic Rock on my iTunes, that may change in time. I love the band though, they’re one of my favourites. I always assumed they were hugely popular in every circle, however I was talking to a Christian guy a couple of weeks back and he was surprised when I confessed my love for them. He claimed that Christians generally didn’t like Alex and The Arctics. There isn’t anything particularly offensive about them, they have the odd dirty word here and there, but it’s usually to dramatic effect. Most Christians play it safe with their music taste. Here’s my list of the top 5 non-Christian Christian bands/artists:

5. U2.

4. David Gray.

3. Muse.

2. Regina Spektor.

1. Coldplay.

Sibyl is my flu-friend and has opted to venture out and get me some tamiflu. According to her I might die if I don’t take it.


In the moonlight they’re more thrilling
Those things that he knows
As he leads you through the grinning
Bubble blowers in the snow
Watching his exit
Is like falling off the ferry in the night.

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