My World Tour of The UK #5


Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head… made the train at 10:07 in seconds flat. The train was on course to North of England way, Liverpool.

Having done virtually no research or preparation, my stomach sank at the thought of not really knowing what to do or where to go. But I had a bag of cookies to keep me going,  as well as reassurance in the form of my good friend Anwen Brown, who was to be meeting me at the station. She said, she said, that she knew the city’s top Beatles related spots.

My journey was uneventful apart from spotting Alison Steadman, of Abigail’s Party and more recently Gavin & Stacey fame.


Anwen was there to greet me and we immediately made our way to a large tourist map. I was a bit lost by then, but with a little help(!) from my friend, we made our way to The Beatles Story museum, near the river Mersey.

I felt a certain excitement towards the very idea of being in this city, despite almost all of it’s visual aspects being pretty identical to London. Within 15 minutes of walking I thought I had spotted a memorial to the most famous Beatle. However this turned out to be the local John Lewis.

The museum was just as good as it needed to be, with the all inclusive option of a headphone audio tour. We both learned a bit more about the lives of the Fab Four, their influences and history. We got all of this with some cracking visual displays and genuine artifacts from their lives. Stuff you just can’t read in books!

Here are some of my photographic highlights of the museum:

anwen brown and ringo starr

My favourite bit was a life-size recreation of the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s cover.

The most iconic item on display were Lennon’s glasses which he often wore, apparently they were once sold for over $1 million!

We also enjoyed trying on some kindly provided mop top wigs:


The next stop was a place which had been in our ears and our hearts for many years. Yes, Penny Lane. The day was getting better all the time! It took rather long to find, but when we did, it made for many wonderful Kodak moments.

The day was drawing to a close and we still hadn’t seen Strawberry Fields (ever)! Relying on public transport in any non commuter ruled place is always a bad idea, and baby we had no car to drive. No bus came so we decided that it would be easier to live with our eyes closed on this one.

Anwen’s train was due in the next half hour so we quickly made our way back to the station. Once she had left I realised that I had another hour to kill, so I made my way to The Cavern, where nearby there was a statue of Eleanor Rigby.

How it used to look:

For some absolutely mental idea someone thought it would be profitable to knock it down. It’s back up now, but has moved. This is what it now looks like:

It was really cool to get the feel of such an historic place, and it still felt like somewhere special. I got a little bit excited and ended up buying Sibyl a mug and myself a fridge magnet. But I don’t care too much for money, I enjoy spending someone’s hard earned pay. I should’ve known better.

The beautiful Eleanor Rigby statue acted as my Hello/Goodbye to scouse land. As I walked back to the station, the heavens opened and I was soaked; I never wear a mac, in the pouring rain, very strange.

So, we’re on our way home, having lived a day in the life of Rhodri, and though it’s taken me ages to get this written up, it still feels like yesterday. Now, good night, I’m so tired.


One thought on “My World Tour of The UK #5

  1. Beautiful mate!
    Sounds of laughter shades of life
    are ringing through my open ears
    exciting and inviting me …Jai guru deva om

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