Video: ‘No, Mr. President’ – a powerful answer to abortion.

I am fully aware that the readers of this blog are divided on this crucial issue. Everyone should watch this video to the end, post your views in the comments if you feel it necessary.


4 thoughts on “Video: ‘No, Mr. President’ – a powerful answer to abortion.

  1. Amen.
    (I’m probably going to tick off some people, but so what?)

    People need to realize that it starts here.
    It starts with abortion and then moves to euthanasia of the sick and the elderly.
    You just watch.

    People need to realize that this president wants to destroy this country’s most basic principles and anything that the Christian based people hold dear. This country was founded by Christians, with Christian ideals and principles.
    I knew we were in trouble when Obama stated that this is NOT a Christian country. Really? I believe that the majority of the people of this country are. We are hard working, good, conservative people but unfortunately we are not the ones with the money. We have no voice in government. Our government stopped being “of the people, for the people” a long time ago.

    Which is just the way Obama likes it. He wants you to believe that you have no voice. He wants you to believe that you are helpless. He wants you to not fight for your rights because you think it’s hopeless.

    There are dangerous groups/people out there who have the money and the power to rule whether the PEOPLE want it or not. Obama is just one of them. We are being taken over by special interest groups that DO NOT have the best interest of the general population at heart.
    Obama claims that “government” should not interfere. But he is doing exactly that. He doesn’t care about you or what’s best for you.
    Start paying attention to the policies he wants to put into place, and the policies he has already forced down our throats.

    He is very dangerous and people need to wake up and start paying attention to what’s going on.
    God help us all.

    • Nice comment, I think you make some great points.

      America was most definitely founded by Christians, with Christian ideals and principles. The majority of people in the US & UK country would at the very least say they were Christians.

      You definitely know what you believe, write to your politicians. They do want to please you or at the very least look like they are pleasing you. I have written to my local MP’s with mixed success and failure. Get writing, get protesting, get praying.

  2. “I knew we were in trouble when Obama stated that this is NOT a Christian country. Really? I believe that the majority of the people of this country are. ”

    By the same logic, I suppose we are a White Country. But that would be equally silly: what we’re talking about here is not what the majority of private citizens are, but what the thrust of the government is. And our government is designed to be as a constitutional republic with various protected rights, all of which exists and operates independently from whatever the religious beliefs of various people or politicians are.

    The reality is that US is not a nation that in principle or organization favors any religious view over any other. That’s what made it new and unique when it was founded, and it certainly wasn’t on any particularly “Christian principles” that our form of government was drawn up: read the Federalist Papers and you won’t find one word citing Biblical authority. Nor will you find concepts like bicameral legislatures in the
    Bible. That’s because the innovations and principles for our system of government came primarily from movements like Enlightenment rationalism and the reasoned analysis of political factions.

    Nor were the religious beliefs of the founders any sort of uniting thing anyway: they all had widely divergent beliefs. Many, like Jefferson and Adams, denied the divinity of Christ. Some were deists. Most were accused of being atheists in their day (falsely) by the social conservatives and traditionalists around at the time, not heralded as good Christians all believing in a common set of religious credos.

    The whole point of our country’s relationship to religion that came out of that vast diversity in belief is that we have religious freedom and that religion is a matter left up to the people rather than appropriated to government powers: religion thrived in the US precisely because it was not made part of state business, the way it remained in many European nations.

    • Agreed, the big American policitical doctrine is that the church and state are seperate, using the fact that the country has Christian right-wing tendencies during it’s founding or at this moment in time is a weak argument.

      BTW, I do not think the separation took place during the founding, it was the first amendment, no?

      The issue of abortion bares no relation to religion, it is about lives.

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