A nerd in denial?

I’ve never really know what to think when accused of being a geek. There are parts of my life which are characteristically nerdy, for example I once held an obsession with comic books and I have an unhealthy completist attitude towards music and films.

One thing I’ve always stood by is the fact I’ve never watched Star Trek. Since living with my future sister in-law and her husband, both of whom are avid ‘Trekkies’ I have been very much persecuted for my lack of enthusiasm for the much loved TV programme.

I regret a ‘sweeping’ statement I recently made that I hate all action movies. I purely expressed the fact that I didn’t necessarily enjoy or take as seriously thrillers as I did other films. I really don’t mind action films, especially if they’re in the cinema, however I’d still stand by my comment that I generally find them inferior movies.

As I sit here I have Star Trek: The Next Generation on. It takes a big man to take a step back on a comment he has made concerning his views. Of course after watching it i realise, it’s brilliant; if not slightly dated. I guess now is as good a time as ever to get into the whole franchise seeing as the film is out soon.

I am watching “Cause and Effect“, the 18th episode in the 5th season. There are these alien people on board, who have no gender in their race. The main issues it tackles are obviously gender, sex and other such issues around that area.


6 thoughts on “A nerd in denial?

  1. Comics are cool. I’m not a Star Trek fan…..however….I have always wanted to do that thing they do….y’know…splitting the 4 fingers into two…and I never can. I fail.

    • Oh I can totally do that, I’m very talented with any bodily trick like that. I can do all sorts with my tongue as well. That’s another youtube video on it’s way. ;-)

  2. I can do the split:) Watched few Star Trek movies in one day once. They had special on SciFi channel. 4 movies in a raw – that was before having kids – now to do such thing is fiction:)

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