Shocking Rabbit News!

You may remember, I posted a short while ago about my new female rabbit ‘Lily’. We thought that Lily might be getting lonely all on her own so why not pop down to the pet shop and get another girl rabbit. We came home with a gorgeous mini rex rabbit much like this one:

She’s called ‘Sweet-Pea’ and is really lovely.

Here’s the real news, we introduced the two rabbits to one another and we came to the realisation that Lily is not Lily! She is a he! And is now called Willy! Sadly I have the whole ordeal on camera, if you want to watch it you can, but I don’t blame you for trying to avoid viewing rabbits, doing what rabbits do. It is really funny.


10 thoughts on “Shocking Rabbit News!

  1. You have about 24 days till Lily and Sweet Pea have kids — if one/both aren’t fixed. And the babies start having babies at about 4 months old. If you need info on bonding or spay/neuter check out our website. Good luck with your new kid!

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  3. Hey there, just wanted to let you know your comment “Lily is totally a boy” may not be correct. Females also mount, it is a sign of dominance. Here’s the deali-o-go pick Lily up and gently turn her over, look at her genitals-do you see testicles? Then she is a boy. No testicles? Unless the rabbit has been fixed-which if you got it at a pet store it has not-males will have testicles. As long as Lily is over a couple months old it will be obvious. No testicles? Girl! You can push gently on the top of the fur in the genital area and if a lengthy item protrudes-boy, if only a small item protrudes-girl.
    Now do the same thing for the new rabbit. You may have two boys, you may have two girls, you may have one of each-which you don’t want unaltered unless you want babies, as “rabbitmatch” pointed out.

    I have 12 rabbits in my house currently-one was found outside this week, three are fosters, 8 are mine (none have reproduced I am just apparently a rabbit whisperer…) several of the females have mounted their male partners, especially after being mounted themselves, a sort of “how you like me now?” attitude.

    Also, you are lucky that the rabbits didn’t start fighting immediately-this tells me that one is probably a boy and one a girl, though I can’t say for a fact. In general two males will just start fighting-or one may mount the other and then when the other gets annoyed they may start fighting (one of my fosters mounted another male’s face-three times-the third time the mountee bit the mounter’s penis). Two females also may fight but sometimes people can bond two females, in general you want a male and female to bond, but yes, obviously you need to get them fixed before introducing them (!). Many people erroneously think they should get rabbits of the same gender to bond, since they can’t get pregnant that way. They may never bond however and worst case scenario they will attack each other(or the dominant rabbit will attack). Rabbits will fight to the death if they feel provoked enough and a rabbit fight should be stopped immediately and the rabbit separated to cool down.

    Also, PLEASE don’t buy any more rabbits from the pet store, there are rabbits everywhere that need to be adopted, if you get them from a shelter or rescue they will come neutered with their adoption (at least here in the States anyhow). Pet stores often sell rabbits that they don’t have any info on, often don’t know their gender, because they buy them too young and don’t care about their health.

  4. Also, rabbit introductions should always be done slowly and in an area where you can break up any trouble right away, ideally in a neutral area (meaning not one that your already existing rabbit hangs out in all the time). Most rabbits do NOT bond quickly-you are lucky if they do. So, if your little duo has already taken a liking to each other count your blessings. But keep them separated until you can determine their genders so you don’t have 8 new rabbits in a few weeks!

  5. Wow, after reading the comments above I’m really diggin’ rabbits as pets now! LOL, maybe Lilly is just a dominatrix girl who was determined to put Sweat Pea in her place. Hilarious stuff, thanks for the laugh!

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