Follow the white rabbit!

We got one of the baby rabbits that my little brother’s rabbit gave birth to (the first batch).

She is a female (not a girl) and is called Lili Wen Fach, which is translated literally as Little White Lily, but it’s what many Waleish people call Snowdrops or Galanthus. Alternative names are eirlys or cloch maban.

I like the name primarily because the rabbit is white, and it’s far more imaginative than ‘snowy’. It also reminds me of a song we used to sing in school:

O Lili wen fach, o ble daethost di,

A’r gwynt mor arw ac mor oer ei gri?

Sut y mentraist di allan drwy’r eira i gyd?

Nid oes flodyn bach arall i’w weld yn y byd!

Translated as:

Oh Little White Lily, from where did you come?

With the wind so wild and with such a cold cry

However did you manage to climb out through all that snow?

There is no other little flower to be seen anywhere.

Here’s a creepy picture of me with the rabbit:

rhodri brady with white rabbit

It’s a bit:


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