It’s been a while…

Well actually only a week. I just felt I needed to give the whole Internet thing a bit of a rest. Part of it may be laziness but I have been being productive in other areas. I have some exciting writing projects lined up for myself, which you all may or may not find out about (depending on how good they actually are).

Since I last wrote I’ve:

  • Watched The Damned United. Which was rather good. It made me remember that I actually like football, and reaffirmed my respect for Michael Sheen. Even though I could’ve sworn that at time Brian Clough possessed the characteristics of Tony Blair, David Frost and Kenneth Williams. Strange!

  • Sadly, I also watched The Boat That Rocked. I knew it was going to be bad, but thought the cast could somehow save it. I decided that the plot would have worked for a six part sitcom, but not a film. Just quite badly done. Awesome music though.  The other cool thing was that I went to a 11 am screening of it and was the only person in the entire cinema, so even though I felt like a complete loser, I basically had a private screening!
  • Otherwise I have started up again on my studies of the Gospel according to Matthew, with much help from a certain J.C. Ryle. Just cracking stuff.

  • We have a Holiday Bible Club for primary school kids from Tuesday to Thursday this week, so a lot of my time has and will be taken with that. We’re praying that it will bring lots of opportunities to speak to kids who may never have heard such a message.

Totally have a hip advert these days.

  • Still very much loving Stewart Lee on BBC 2. I think despite some offensive language Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe on BBC 4 is just top notch. I’m also loving I’ve Never Seen Star Wars, also on BBC 4. As for BBC 3’s Horne & Corden, sadly I agree with the critics, it’s just not funny.

Until next time young padawans.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. “Once you get past the fact that they are American…” ! You crack me up!
    Yes, it is very famous and I remember my friend Betsy and I performing a (very bad) take on it in 7th grade for our drama class. I’m sure it was horrific, but hey, we’re American and I’m sure we have no sense of humor! ;)

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