Oh, that was before I was converted… was it?

I went out with a few friends that I went to school with last night. We got talking about old times and about how I had a bit of a knack at really making fun of people and ultimately making them feel small, all in a hilarious way. I’d never really taken in the fact that I’d actually given these guys quite a hard time, one reason for me not realising this was that the person I was making fun of would usually be laughing as well, whilst still being quite hurt by the words.

I am quite a mean guy!

I’m sure lots of the people that I felt bullied by didn’t realise that they were doing so much harm.

I asked my friends when these things happened. I didn’t even know this one girl until after I was converted. Which came as a bit of a disappointment to me.

This got me thinking that often we, as Christians will use the fact that we weren’t Christians as an excuse for our bad behaviour, when in fact there are still many of those things still going on in our lives. I guess it comes back to the whole justification sanctification thing.

One positive thing that I learned that I had forgotten, is that I was apparently always apologetic if I ever found out about any grief I had caused. There was a genuine change, but I think that the fact I am extremely good at picking out faults in people and making fun of them for it is still a temptation I fall into. I love teasing!

Can anyone think of a positive way that teasing or insult can be used? I know that it’s good for kids, I regularly tease my niece and nephew whom I look after! It makes them stronger!

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One thought on “Oh, that was before I was converted… was it?

  1. Stronger? Hmm… Well I guess my mum teased me and look how I turned out… I am perfectly designed to take all YOUR teasing :) x

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