Beware – Billie Joe still thinks he’s Bono.

So Billie Joe announces to his eager fans that the new album 21st Century Breakdown (nifty title) has been fuelled by his distrust of politicians.


He whined to Rolling Stone:

“A lot of people were born into an unlucky time, the era of George W. Bush. There is an optimism now with Obama… be aware. Don’t look at this guy as the answer to our prayers. You still need to be involved.”

I just thought it would be nice if they dropped the whole politics thing after really going for it on the hugely popular American Idiot. Maybe they could get back to just writing music about panic attacks, sexual orientation, boredom & ex-girlfriends.

[This article is about the band Green Day. For the Japanese holiday, see Greenery Day.]


6 thoughts on “Beware – Billie Joe still thinks he’s Bono.

  1. I f****** love Green Day. I don’t know why people are so like out to get them. American Idiot was an amazing record so dont f****** hate

    • Thanks for your comment. It has been edited due to the foul language used.

      I didn’t doubt for a second that American Idiot was a good record, it’s a great pop punk album, I was purely saying that I’m a bit bored of the whole political thing. If I want some great power chords and punky choruses I go to Green Day; if I want political opinion I go to Jeremy Paxman.

  2. Haha okie. sorry about the language i used…i was a lil frustrated that day and for some reason that set me off… sorry =/

  3. As opposed to you who whines on the internet. At least Billie delivers his opinions in a way that people want to hear them, which is more than I can say for you. Talk about boring.

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