Early Morning Vlogging.

I think I like this vlogging thing.


7 thoughts on “Early Morning Vlogging.

    • Sibyl very conveniently left behind her little Mac Book. It’s quite the nifty machine, and comes with an inbuilt webcam and mic, as well as video editing software – iMovie. I’m very blessed. (“,)

  1. Yes you are ! So THAT’S how come you’ve been making art with garageband.

    Hmmm. I still think I could videblogue with my eeepc 701.

    I ought to just go for it. Once a week would be enough though. ‘Oh yes, no more than that !’ cry the eager viewers.

    • I totally think you should. I would love to see it.

      I also should add that it’s actually easier than normal blogging. Verbal diarrhoea is a wonderful thing.

    • From what I can make out of your previous comment, I suspect that you think my encouragement to Vlog was not genuine. There was no joke intended!

      (I assume this comment could also be read as a joke, but it isn’t. I want to see a Davey Vlog!)


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